Our Edge

Being part of the Industry for over two decades we understand the limitations and expectations of HROs and project managers. And, it is quite common that well-qualified and well-experienced resources sometimes fail miserably and mediocre resources pose a cut-to-chase performance.

It depends on various factors that we consider seriously while screening the resumes. At the same time, we do understand the importance of soft resource for internal and external use that make things smoother without having to pay anything on human resources. 

Simply speaking the asset building is never a “cost to company” at any phase of work, but it is based on understanding the case w.r.t resources from BI perspective. 


Adept maintains wide range of profiles of consultants and executives suitable for various job requirements. All such resumes are verified through direct contact and feedback of their associates. In case of tailor-made resource unavailability, we keep our practices transparent by quoting the merits and possible shortfalls while placing a resource. 


We ensure that our clients find resources who are not only qualified but who can adopt their work culture effortlessly. While doing the background check we note down the key traits of personality and attitude of the resources that would help building human assets as per clients’ expectations. Teamwork, role-switch ability, understanding the functional integrity,  and  time management are some of the key elements we consider. 


Prime requirements of the Industry, integration of resources, dependent markets, hot skill sets of the consultants, advent technologies, emergence of small businesses and their needs, attrition of resources, and integration of in-house resources with consultants and soft infrastructure are tracked time-to-time while adding potential clients and eligible consultants to our database.


Our edge lies understanding the client’s revenue model and smart utilization of resources clubbed with skill development, technology implementation, and complementing project requirement under flexible staffing models. To achieve the revenue on resource investment and to meet the budget limitations we do offer consulting service at very reasonable budget and the same shall be implemented followed by approvals. 


Save money — you will save when you reduce headcount and overall operational cost.

Boost efficiency — Talent focuses on the project; our team manages administrative and HR tasks.

In-time delivery — ensure your project ships on time with IT talent when you need it.

Flexible resources — Regional and global staffing augment your team of professionals.

Staffing solution made easy — Adept Technical Services can handle your organization’s staffing needs.